About Demi Poortman

Demi Poortman is an allround entrepreneur from the Netherlands who lives his life inspirated by Timothy Ferriss - Fourhourworkweek.

He has an passion about location independent businesses, creative business strategy, jazzguitar, salsa dancing and helping people to achieve their goals.

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Digital Nomad Coaching

Are you stuck in your dayjob of doom? Do you want to…

Digital Nomad


Creative Strategy

Are you stuck? Do you need more customers? Reserve a strategy call…

Logo Design

Do you need a solid logo for your business? You've come to…

Copywriting & Resume fix

Do you need a some attractive lines to lift your optin page…

Explainer Video

Explainer video's are good for your sales and to show in a…

Jazz Guitar & Salsa dancing

Demi has an enormous passion for music, to play Jazz guitar and…


In search to travel more? Do you want to create more time?

I love the automation of procedures or workflows which determine efficiency and results.

You can make literally of everything a process to run your life or business more effectivly.

"Freedom! What else?"
Let's grab a coffee or whisky and talk.

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